Metroid: Father Hunt

When you encounter major items in the game, you should see a dialogue with a blur background, like this:
If you do not see this and there's simply no dialogue, DOWNLOAD THE COMPATIBILITY VERSION. If you don't, and you can't see the item dialogues, you will encounter an error towards the end of the demo.

A game that attempts to re-imagine Metroid in the style of a toonish indie game. Started in 2009 as Metroid Comical, Father Hunt has evolved from any other old fangame to a new take on Metroid. Old abilities and characters have been enhanced and modified, along with new things. I've been working hard to get as many ideas running through the game as I can, and I hope you guys will enjoy the final product. Want to stay updated? Check out the game's gamedev blog to keep up.

New Trailer

Try out the new demo too!

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Download Game - MFH%20Demo