Magikoopa Security Force


Have you ever played a Mario game and thought, "Hey, what if, instead of controlling that guy that stomps on stuff, I control the stuff that gets stomped on?"




Anyways, Magikoopa Security Force puts you in the shoes (Robes?) of a minor Magikoopa that's been assigned to defend a castle on a remote island. With no warning, a horde of Shy Guys show up and start looting all those valuable coins that cover the land. With no abilities apart from a standard attack spell and the power to summon minions into existence, you've got to create a defense force to keep the Shy Guy army from stealing the rest of the coins from the few remaining ? Blocks.

Both reflexes and strategy are important skills to have in the game, as what minions you summon, what order you summon them in, and the effectiveness of your aim determine whether you get to protect your coins from the waves of mischievous masked invaders. You get ranked, too; finish a stage without losing a single coin, and you get an S-rank, with lower ranks given out for more coins lost. Of course, surviving with any coins at all is a challenge in itself..


F4: Toggle full screen. Highly recommended.
F9: Take a screenshot

Left-Click on Level Tile: Fly to the clicked tile.
Left-Click on Own Level Tile: Enter level
Enter/Click "Army" Tab: Go to army management screen

Left-Click: Fly towards the clicked area. If held down, the Magikoopa will constantly fly towards the mouse.

Right-Click: Cast the currently-selected (or default attack, if none selected) spell towards the mouse. If held down, the Magikoopa will immediately begin casting the default spell after casting the initial spell.

Enter: Pause the game. Press Enter again to unpause.

Click Button/Button # Key: Select the minion/spell currently in that slot. For example, pressing the 1 key automatically selects the Goomba for deployment, should the Goomba still be in its default place as the first button.

WASD: Move up, left, down, and right, respectively.

To spawn a Minion, one must place the bricks they will be created from in a valid location, then cast the spell with the Right-Click. Goombas and Koopas must be placed on the ground, Piranha Plants must be placed on pipes, and Chain-Chomps must be placed inside solids.


Though four worlds are planned, only the first two are complete, with 20 levels in total coming with the demo. Unfortunately, the game is rather unpolished, so the graphics and music do clash a bit and the planned plot is currently non-existent. The gameplay has been at top priority, here, so get ready to play around with some interesting mechanics!

The game automatically saves after each level, so don't get worried about losing your data.

That said, there's a good two hours of gameplay to get through, so have fun!

Oh, and there's boss levels. In a Tower Defense. Imagine.

IMPORTANT! Additional Music

In order to slim down the size of the download, the map themes and the boss themes have been removed from the main download. While not necessary to play the game, they are recommended, as no music will play during those parts of the game otherwise, and can be downloaded from this link:

Place the files within this ZIP into the "music" folder found with the game's executable.


The Grass, Underground, and Desert Tilesets were created by Drageezeey. Just about everything else can be credited directly to Nintendo.

- - - -

Reviews and suggestions are welcome, folks! Keep in mind that most of the remaining content is already planned out, though, so your suggestions might not be possible to use.