Toadette Strikes (Toad Strikes Back 2)

Download the WIP demo HERE.

Set in an alternate Mushroom Kingdom where the likes of Mario, Bowser and Princess Peach are but mere legends, a common Toad(...ette) rises up in an adventure inspired largely by Super Mario Bros. 2, mixed with traditional Mario conventions, a little bit of Yoshi, and tons of fan-inspired weirdness!

Toadette Strikes (TSB2) is the sequel to Toad Strikes Back, which saw completion at the very first NCFC in 2007. However, one doesn't need to play the aforementioned game first -- in fact, due to its increasingly dated nature, I'd almost recommend TSB2 first (at least, once it's completed -- which will no doubt be some time before the original's credits are posted... ha ha... hah...).

This work-in-progress demo includes the first two hubs, for a total of eight levels. Enjoy and such.

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