Fire Emblem: Dream of Five


What is Dream of Five?
Dream of Five is a Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword ROM hack that introduces an entirely new story. As a result, the DoF team has created entirely new maps, chapters and a new cast of characters to go with the story. Among the changes we have done, the most notable are graphics. There are new character sprites, weapon icons, menu graphics and even new CGs.

The story follows the leader of an Aukeman border patrol, Renair. While defending and defeating the bandits who wreak havoc on the countryside, she finds herself fleeing the country, traveling deeper into a plan that threatens the entire continent they live on, Kalias.

As for gameplay, the game progresses just like Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. Complete a chapter, save, then you will be greeted by a World Map cutscene. The chapters vary in objectives and the enemy units are stronger than average, making strategy key in completing the chapter. Something the DoF team strives to do is to make the game challenging and to make every unit given usable and trainable. So choosing whatever unit you want to use works, and you won't be penalized for it.

The hack is planned to be about 34ish chapters in length in a single playthrough, while having about 45 chapters in total coded length.

There is a patch that goes up to Ch14 on both routes.
It is very old however, almost a year old, so a lot of the new content you may see in screenshots and in the livestream will not be in the patch.

Follow our progress here:

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