The Legend of Zelda: Chaos Rising

Now for the first time here at NCFC and I am ready to release a demo up to and including the first dungeon.
But there is more good news!
This project is near full completion. I am currently alpha-testing the full game.

The Story

This game does not start where one of the existing games end, it takes place a great time after any known time of Hyrule. Its story is like none before. Its not about good and evil, not about who will rule. This time you have to save existance itself.

Ages ago the Triforce weakened from granting all contradictive wishes, a golden world, a dark world, to rule over all, to rule for all. This weakened the triforces main function.
A function unkown to the Hylians and other races. The Triforce was not only there to grant the wishes of those that touched it or to councel them in difficult times.
It had to protect the creation of the goddesses from that what had been before, the Chaos inside.

It twisted the lands and the minds of great man. War came not only to Hyrule but also to other regions. At the end of this war a hero emerged, but this time he did not fight alone. Together with seven powerful warriors they managed to banish the Chaos Forces back to where they came from. However at great cost.
The world was dying and the Triforce of Power missing after it had granted one last wish to reshape the world.
Now a great many ages later the new seal that was meant to protect the new worlds for as long as possible is about to fail.

The Worlds

Existing out of some islands floating in an endless air environment the Air World is the home of those of the Hylian race that survived. They founded a small village on one of the southeren islands.

One of the Worlds was made out of the mountains and the core of the old world. A place of both great heat is the home of both the Goron and the Subrosian tribes.

Out of the Oceans and a few isles the aquatic world was born. Home to several kinds of creatures, including Zora's and Fairies.

In the image of the Sacred Forest a new world was created , home to the animal kingdom.

Sacred Realm
Created from the Temple of Seasons after the seasons were undone by chaos and the remainders of the old Sacred Realm the core of the combined worlds was formed. Allowing Travel to all other worlds a small trading outpost was build. Unfortunately the connection to the other wolds was lost in time.


-movement: arrow keys
-using item 1: Z
-using item 2: X
-open the menu window: Enter
-switch between menu windows: Space
-opening the save game menu: Esc
-while swimming use Z to dive
-while in a dungeon Shift can be used to hide the keys
-usage of numpad 1 - 2 -3 scales the rooms from 100% - 150% - 200% of standard game size.
-use T to make a screenshot
-use R to reset a room when link is stuck ( does not reset health / items and is only to be used in case of a movement preventing bug. )

A trailer is available at:


AtomicD1: gamedesign / programming / storyline / testing.
GoodNight: for the Link his basic movement coding.
Nintendo: for the original Zelda Series, the sounds, original music and original zelda sprites used.
Zelda Orchestraded: for several of the background music pieces used.

No Copyright infringement has been intented.
All sprites / names / music from the Legend of Zelda Series are property of Nintendo.
However the story, mapdesign and the game-engine for this fan-game do belong to the creator of this fangame.
This project is a fan-project and has never been / will never be about making profit.

For more information about this zelda fangame or other zelda fangames visit .

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