Paper Mario
Princess Peach has been captured yet again, and the famous paper-thin plumber must go on a journey across the Mushroom Kingdom to save the day! Mario must journey through the grasslands of the Mushroom Kingdom, the Dry Dry Dessert, and many more locations in order to save Princess Peach from none other than King Bowser!

The gameplay is a mix between Paper Mario and other traditional platformers. The player moves around in the same way he does in the original Paper Mario, while fighting enemies in a platformer-like style.

There is a point-based rank system in the game. Each time you defeat an enemy, you earn points. Every time you earn a certain number of points, you level up and earn more health. This gives you a reason to want to stop each and every goomba!

The controls are:
Arrow Keys- Move
Space- Jump
X- Spin
C- Hammer (Once unlocked)
Enter- Talk, scroll through text, and select menu options.
P- Pause

Paper Mario is a fangame that has been in development for about 2 years. It is a heavily edited version of Twinimage's Paper Mario Engine.

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