BS Zelda Map 1 + 2 Lite
Welcome to the BS Zelda Lite NCFC Booth!


"Wait, haven't I heard of a BS Zelda before?"
Yes, yes you have. You might've even heard of one of the four Satellaview releases from me prior. If you haven't, though, Wikipedia should solve that!

So what's this booth here for? Well, this is a pretty impressive ROM Hack that is presented to you by the BS Zelda community...
Now, 2 BS Zeldas are combined into a single gameplay experience!
With 3 player characters, there's no extra patch needed to play as Link!
And best of all... The game -will- run on a real SNES!
No Satellaview or unique emulator are required!

Click here to watch a sample of gameplay on Youtube!
You can also see a shorter clip on the NCFC Livestream along with the other game trailers!


Helpful Instructions
At NCFC, the game is being distributed in patch form.
* This patch is intended for a BS Zelda no Densetsu - Map 2 ROM file. Do not attempt patching it on a Map 1 ROM File.
* It is recommended that you use Lunar IPS to patch the ROM.
* Known compatible emulators include BSNES v082 and SNES9X 1.52 and 1.53. ZSNES is NOT supported
* To play this on your Super Nintendo setup, it is recommended to run it on a SNES PowerPak. The game is also confirmed to be fully operational on the Neo SNES/SFC Myth.
* Please check the "rh_map1+map2.txt" file in the download package for more information of note.
* Yes, the cartridge shown in the "Screenshots" section is a quick shoop of a devart pic of a cartridge. So?


If you have any further questions, contact me on AIM or Skype. (KiddoCabbusses)

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