The Legend of Zelda: Mask of the Gods
The Legend of Zelda: Mask of the Gods
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This is a Majora's Mask fan game, and is a prequel, story-wise. The game is being created on RPG Maker XP, and is taking advantage of the system's easy features to speed up development. The gameplay features Zelda style combat and items, as well as inspired mini games and other systems. It's my first actual game, after years of on and off RPG Maker work. My goal is to artfully and selectively weasel my way around RPG Maker's limitations, choosing my battles so I can actually get this done.

I should also note that the focus of this game is the storytelling, and somewhat also on the visuals, as much as I can, anyway. The gameplay, opposite of Nintendo Zelda games, takes the backseat for once. I realize that lots of people may not like this approach as much, but I believe that fangames are an opportunity to experiment with different focuses and mechanics in a system we already know works.

Also important to note, I have bad eyesight, so instead of the usual Zelda resolution, I blew everything up 2x so I could see better. I've received some comments on this, so sorry... but I need to do it this way to see.

For the most recent demo, please click on This

As far as the story goes, this demo completes act one. Almost all of the systems and items that are involved in this beginning section of the game are in place, the sole exception being rupees. Ikana City is completely finished, however, some areas and side quests are not accessible because different parts of the game are unfinished.

At the end of the demo, you are taken to a technical demo where you can try out most of the items. One or two had to be taken out because they worked only in the technical demo, not the main game.

This game takes place in Termina, an undetermined amount of time before the events of Majora's Mask. Following Zelda tradition, many of the characters are identical in name and appearance to others who haven't yet been born.

A Mysterious King from a war-torn land finds his way into Termina, seeking help for his country. Relations between the inhabitants of Clock Town and Ikana are tense due to theological differences, and the King stumbles into the midst of a strange clash of festivities and fighting, the Carnival of Time. Ikanans and Towners gather together once a year in Clock Town to celebrate one event from completely different viewpoints. This strange king, pursued by an unseen foe, is knocked out, and taken, by his almost incoherent request, to Ikana City by a traveling Clock Towner, Kafei, and a solder of Ikana, Igos. Their stories wind around each other as they each try to keep the Stone Tower closed, being thrown at cross-purposes into a struggle for the survival of Ikana, Clock Town, and a faraway kingdom.

A gallery of screenshots can be found here:

Youtube Link
This is a bit old, the game's been rather updated in terms of plot progress since this.


This game features a Zelda style action battle system, which doesn't play too active of a part yet, although further in the game it will. Items included are swords, ember seeds, the Stone Hammer, Roc's Feather, Volt Rod, and a couple miscellaneous things like optional bombchus and bomb flowers in specific places, but these aren't yet.

The places you can visit so far are Clock Town durning the carnival, Ikana City, and some surrounding areas. Ikana City is completely finished and populated, having lots of shops and a couple mini games. There are two side quests you can complete in Ikana City, and one heart piece available.

The furthest you can go in this demo is to the dock where Kafei and Igos split up. You'll then be taken to a technical demo where you can try out some of the items. Whenever you're done there, you can read the attached credits file. Thanks for playing!

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