Four Swords Online
Play Legend of Zelda: Four Swords online with up to 3 other people.
Co-operate with each other to traverse dungeons, solve puzzles and defeat monsters, while at the same time, competing against each other for rupees.

How to Play

One person must be the host, while the other players connect to the host.
If you want to host, select the Host game option and select the max players that can join you and port number.
Confirm and it'll bring you to a chatroom. Wait here for others to connect to you, click the Stage Icons on the right to select the stage you want to play, then click the Start button when you're ready. (There is only 2 stages right now. The Demo Dungeon is the same as in last years demo, the Ruins are new.)
You'll have to give your ip address and the port number to the people you want to join you.
If you don't know your ip address, you can visit a site such as They ip the game tells you might be incorrect.

If you have a firewall or router, the game may not work right unless you open the ports this game uses. (ex. If you select 2345 for the port, the port range 2345-2347 will be used.) The method of opening ports is different depending on the firewall or router. If you can't get the game to work correctly, try disabling your firewall temporarily.

Keep in mind that this game is not very far into development, so there may be glitches. If you find something that seems to be a glitch, please tell me about it. Be sure to extract the .zip before playing.



A - Action, Confirm
S - Swing sword, Cancel
D - Use Sub-Weapon
Enter - Enter a chat message
F4 - Switch between Window and Full Screen modes
F9 - Take a screenshot
Esc - Exits the game

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