Mario Bros. Just For Fun: Super Battle Bros.
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Mario and Luigi have been really bored lately. None of the known villains have been up to anything evil, and the brothers are not really feeling up to normal sports. When they encounter a mysterious blue clone of Luigi one day, it is decided that battling is the way to go.


- Loads of options
- Customizable controls
- Power-ups that can be combined
- Sprite styles that adapt to the arena being played on
- 3 game types
- 11 battle arenas
- Alternative arenas that can be found by holding the kick button and starting the fight on certain arenas
- Up to three players if you have USB controllers
- Extra AI options for when 3 players just isn't enough

Game Types

Last man standing wins!

Coin Battle
First to collect a set amount of coins wins!

Score Attack
First to reach a set score wins!


All but one of these can be customized from the menu. Here's the default controls for the keyboard:
Run - Z
Jump - X
Kick - C
Carry - Up Arrow

USB controllers will work with this game, but they must be configured in the menus. For example, if you have an Xbox 360 controller and/or a Logitech USB controller (like this), you must pick the right one for the players, or the button assignments will be wrong and weird.

Stuff to Note

- It's not stated anywhere in game how to carry. With a keyboard, it's done with the up arrow. With a controller, use up on the analog stick. Either way, looking up is how to do it.
- If keyboard controls prove unresponsive at times, try setting your controls to shift, control and z through Settings 1 > Other Options > Customize Controls. This is an issue with certain keyboards.
- If you set Player 1 to use a USB controller, you'll have to use the controller to navigate the menus and set options from then on, except in the keyboard customization menu or if you set Player 1 back to the keyboard.
- Extract all the files! Do not try to run it from the zip. Music will not work without all files being in the same directory, and your custom controls will not save if you don't extract everything.


Hosted on Grab it from there.


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