(!)The Legend of Peach / Insert Random Title There
This is unfun, lame, bad modification of SMW made in two days. It was made as proof that you can really modify SMW. Anyway, to use it you will need some IPS patcher such as Lunar IPS and HEADERED ROM. Yeah, I know... it fails.

Or more seriously. This modification is really random, and I think that you will laugh at least 2E-34 times. It also adds RPG elements, but don't expect to get more than one level unless you would really try. It's randomness. And RPG is just for fun (and if you're bored I guess you can get levels)...

AlsoICannotUseGrammarCorrectlySoYeahPleaseIgnoreThatOhAndILoveCamelCase! YAY!

If you will play it, I'll consider you bored but whatever. I made this to frustrate the judges. But please don't remove this entry just because of this, I've actually put effort into hacks in it (especially RPG). Oh and it uses composed music. At least part of it. I was too lazy to make every track composed. Sorry :(. I will send something more serious next year.

Thanks :). lol

oh and you are failure :P

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Download Game - thelegendofpeach.zip