Megaman Day in the Limelight 2 Beta

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Megaman: Day in the Limelight 2 is a fangame that allows you to play as the Robot Masters from Megaman 2.

Each stage puts you in control of one Robot Master each with their own unique abilities. Players must utilize the skills available to them to overcome all obstacles and get through all the stages. As usual for a Megaman game, every stage ends with the boss.

Defeating that boss unlocks the Robot Master you controlled in that stage. An unlocked RM can be accessed during at any time simply by opening the pause menu and selecting them. All the characters share the same energy bar.

The game is in early WIP stages right now. Upon completion there will 15+ stages and a use for the secret items.

Currently 8 stages are completed.

Created by Fusion Team.

NOTE: Since this is a beta, there are cheat codes available in case the game glitches. Press 'I' to turn on cheats on and off. Press 'O' to choose which cheat code to use, and press 'P' to use that cheat code. While cheats are turned on, clicking anywhere on the screen with the mouse will teleport your character there.

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