What is This Thing? Episode 2
What? Are you kidding me?

This thing actually made itself exist?

Yeah, the weirdly anticipated sequel to the first What Is This Thing? episode has arrived. Expecting anything is not recommended.

Left and Right - Move
Shift (can be changed) - Jump
Control (can be changed) - Talk to Individuals/Scroll through Text

Extreme Recommendation: Do not run in full screen. EXTRACT THE ENTIRE PACKAGE to one folder.

Notice: Make sure you update your DirectX to the latest version your graphics card supports. Some parts of this game may be performance heavy as a precaution. If you experience extreme slow down on the last part, please discard playing and play the low-performance version:

Soundtrack now available at:
Now enjoy the deliciously terrifying music of the game. Includes three unused Work-In-Progress tracks.

Click to enlarge.
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Download Game - WiTTEpisode2.zip