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A note: NCFC Contests! - KiddoCabbusses - 10-27-2014

Today I'd like to announce something that isn't quite finalized in details, but still something I plan to set up this year. NCFC will have contests!

For this year in particular, I'm hoping to have an Art/picture Contest, a Writing Contest, and maybe a Video Editing contest, all Smash Bros.-themed in some manner. Furthermore I have prizes ready to give out. These prizes won't be too major, but hopefully they will be fine for our PC-fangame developing audience. Our current prize pool consists of hunble bundle codes for Monaci, AI War Fleet, Thomas was Alone, and Space Chem, and Steam codes for Huntsman and Ionball 2.
More may be incoming; I've been using my own resources to obtain these, and I will continue to attempt to add to the prize pool until the event opens. If anyone has any particular suggestions for a prize, feel free to post in the news thread about it and I will see if it's viable.

Details on how to enter the contests will be posted as soon as NCFC opens, and Contest Winners will be announced at the closing ceremony.

RE: A note: NCFC Contests! - CapnCoconuts - 10-28-2014

Sounds great! Maybe it'll be a little incentive for people to take part in this year's NCFC.

I haven't used Humble Bundle much, but I bought Organ Trail: Director's Cut with it. I really like that game, though the slingshot-esque controls for shooting might frustrate some people.