Paper Mario: Showtime!!

Paper Mario: Showtime!! is a fangame aiming to take the battle systems of Sticker Star and Color Splash, two of the more... infamous... games in the series, and fix 'em up!

Showtime is an arcade experience - Mario fights round after round of enemies, building the strength of his deck with each victory. The whole while, the audience is watching, cheering as he does well, and jeering if he does poorly. The more you please the audience, the higher your score will be! The goal is to get the highest score you can in the amount of time you have!

Mario can use the coins he earns to buy new cards, upgrade old ones, get rid of ones he doesn't need anymore, or upgrade his stats between rounds. And every once in a while, there might be a super-tough enemy to deal with...

This is a simple engine test. It's a single round, "Round Zero" over and over again, with infinite time and health. This should let you get a feel for how the attacks will work!

Controls [brackets are keyboard] (parenthesis are controller):
[Z]/(A) - Action/Select
[X]/(B) - Cancel
[A]/(X) - Discard
[S]/(Y) - Ready Up
[Arrow Keys]/(D-Pad/Left Stick) - Move
[Q]/(L) - Move Target Left
[W]/(R) - Move Target Right

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