Tux is just getting ready to go fishing when all of a sudden, he receives a message. The message states that his home, Icy Island, has been taken over by the Snow King, and a new Fish Tax will be imposed. Tux is furious! How dare the Snow King take away his fish?! Help Tux overthrow the Snow King and stop him from taking Tux's fish away!

This game has been on NCFC before, but it's been some time since then and the game has changed in that time. Since we just made a new release and realized NCFC was coming up, we figured some of y'all might be interested. Enjoy! Changes since version 1.3.5 (the last ReTux release featured on NCFC) have included improvements to levels, slightly better backgrounds, more consistent music usage, and bugfixes.

ReTux's website can be found here:

And the latest release (currently version 1.6.1) can be found here:

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