Hello World, this is a simple game where you play as a Goomba and collect PowerUps.

You must collect the GOOD PowerUps. The one chosen throughout the Goomba evolution family tree. Avoid the BAD PowerUps. The Poison Mushrooms are to be avoided.
Collect over 15 GOOD PowerUps to continue to the next evolution. Every time a GOOD PowerUp is collected
it adds to your score. Every time a Bad PowerUp is collected
it lessens your score. Every round of the game is more
and more difficult. Every lower branch on the Goomba
family tree is more difficult.

Will you survive?

Left = Move left
Right = Move right
R Key = Restart Game
and Clear HighScore
Up = Move selection up
/ Move Game Info Up
Down = Move selection down
/ Move Game Info Down
Enter = Choose selection
/ exit menu / exit Game Info

Bowser's Castle - SpongeBobLover
Bonus Game - Fire Mario
Tamagotchi - Joe Cortez
SML2 Sounds - Excelior

Download Game - goombagotchi