Crazy Candy


Hello, welcome to CrazyCandy!
Crazy Candy is a Card Game similar to Crazy 8's. Big Difference is that you play Solo.
Each face is represented by a Candy Bar. Play cards of the same Candy, Cards of the same Number, or 8's.
There are 5 rounds to this Crazy Game. If you cant play a Card, discard a Card using Right Click on that Card.
Play cards with your mouse and drag them to the pile. There will be a Disemobied Mouth showing up.
Don't mind the Mouth though, it's just for comedy. Watch out though, there is a strategy to this game.
I'll drop some useful tips below.


Up/Down Arrow Keys: Move Selection Arrow / Move Instructions Text
Enter: Choose Selection on Title Screen / Exit Instructions / Exit HighScores
Mouse hover over Card: Choose Selected Card
Mouse Left Button: Select Card / Hold Card
Mouse Move + Left Button: Move Card Around
Mouse Left Release: Deselect Card (Not on Deck) / Place Card on Deck
Mouse Right Button: Discard Card, Replace With New Card (if less than 52 used Cards)
Keyboard R Key: Restart the Game

You will gain 8 Points at the start of each Round. There are 5 Rounds.
Each Card Placed on the Deck, if successful, will gain you a Point.
When you Discard and Replace a Card, you will lose a point to the garbage.
At the End of Each Round, you will Gain the Points Won during that Round.
Your High Score will appear at the End of 5 Rounds.


Observe when there are 8’s around. Use them wisely.
You can obliderate an entire suit just by one placement.
Use the cards around you first that are not 8’s. Remember 8’s are precious.
When you are about to change a suit with a card of the same number,
remember to look through your cards first and place those cards before the two cards to change the suit.
Changing a suit is a big deal! Watch for what card you will discard.
It is very important to observe the combinations of cards, make sure what you are discarding is useless.
Observe when there is a card that has a suit that does not match the other cards in your hand.
This would be a good card to discard.


All Graphics: TakUser
Programming / Design: Morrad1991
Sounds: Royalty Free Music


Download Game - crazy-candy