Bald Luigi's Crustmust Deluxe: Halloween Demo

WARNING: There is blood in this game.

The 2020 Crustmust classic is finally back! But, nobody wants to play a Christmas game during Halloween! So join Bald Luigi as he stops Trickio from trick or treating in a year where there was no Halloween.


NEW Spin Jump

Various Improvements, now the game keeps track of how many keys you have collected.
(You can also pause the game like in Essence Of Waluigi).

1 Level from the main story of Bald Luigi's Crustmust, and one new level made for this demo.

Arrow Keys = Move

Shift = Jump

Down + Shift = Spin Jump

Control = Run


Q: Is this a new game?
A; No. It was originally released on Game Jolt in 2020 for a small amount of time.

Q: Does this mean you'll be making Joke Games again?
A: Absolutely not.

Q: Is this a christmas game or a halloween game?
A: It's a christmas game with a halloween skin.

Q: Is this the full game?
A: No, the full game comes out in December.

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