Heritage - A Dragon's Tale

It was a day like any other in the Skybound Isles when a dark mass arose from the clouds that separated the forgotten and dangerous world below from the home of the dragons above. General Mechos, a powerful military leader of the humans launched an attack on the floating islands and abducted the dragoness Crystal for reasons unknown.

Flame, a trainee knight and Crystal's best friend, travels to the forgotten kingdom of Mineria having sworn to find her and put an end to whatever plot General Mechos has planned. On his journey, Flame will face incredible dangers, discover more about the kingdom of Mineria, why the dragons were separated from the earth to live in the sky, and discover his own destiny.


Heritage - A Dragon's Tale is a sidescroller action-adventure game with RPG elements. It is heavily inspired by Zelda 2 and Shovel Knight. The game features sidequests, a large world to explore, an experience and level up system, secrets to find, a bestiary, lore entries to learn more about the world, a characters list to learn more about the characters, and more.

The game file itself is ~ 31 MB, which is too large to submit using this site's file uploader. You may download the game here on itch.io:


I hope you all will enjoy!

NOTE:There is a glitch where, on first startup, the game crashes.

Simply restarting the game fixes this.

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