Nea Edem

In a time beyond quantification, humanity has mysteriously disappeared, leaving the machines to populate the flooded Earth. In this scene, a gynoid awakens, and it's up to you to uncover the mystery of this lifelike mechanical marvel. This is the first ever 3D action game from the creators of the Lloyd the Monkey series, and is still in development.

The demo features the first two areas and ends with the first boss fight.

Controls (Xbox Controller):

Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Rotate Camera
A Button: Jump
B Button: Shoot
X Button: Grapple Shot (You'll have to find it first)
Left/Right Bumper: Strafe
Left Trigger: Dash

Controls (Keyboard/Mouse):
WASD Keys: Move
Mouse: Rotate Camera
Space Bar: Jump
Left Click: Shoot
Right Click: Grapple Shot (You'll have to find it first)
Q Key: Strafe
Left Control Key: Dash

If you're playing with keyboard/mouse configuration on a laptop, we STRONGLY reccomend using a USB mouse.

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