Mario Takes a Three

Mario Takes a Three was a level contest that was held during June of 2019. This is a compilation game that features levels that were submitted to the contest. Can you finish all 24 levels?


At his castle, staring at the bleak skies of the Dark Land, Bowser was pondering.
"No matter what I do, I can't defeat that plumber! My courses aren't enough to stop him, he always finds a way to clear them. Hmm... Wait for a second! What if I got people who are better than me at designing courses to make courses for me?"
Bowser created a fake contest and it spread around quickly. People all around the world were interested, and within a month several courses were submitted. Bowser's plan seemed flawless. All he had to do now was to find a way to lure Mario into completing those levels. He wrote a letter, inviting him to complete all those courses, and made it seem like it was sent by the Princess.
Help Mario to clear all the obstacle courses and defeat Bowser!


Shift or Z: Jump / Select level
Control or X: Run / View Judge comments
Space: Open inventory
Arrow keys: Move


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