Princess Quest Part 1

Every 25 years, the Mushroom Kingdom throws a quarter-century celebration, called the Jubilee. The last Jubilee was held when the Princess was a child, by her father, the late King Toadstool.

It is during the Jubilee that a shocking revelation about the history of the Toadstool Family comes about...

Made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5

NOTE FOR STREAMERS: The way I programmed the pause displays it as a separate window overlayed over the game window, creating a seamless appearance, but as a result, is not picked up by a window capture. If you plan to stream or record, I recommend you record the display and crop to the game size.

10/28/20 3:47PM CST UPDATE: A gamebreaking bug that was created late in development and overlooked has been fixed. Just redownload and replace the old .exe and it should keep your save data.

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