Millas (Freedom Planet X Lemmings)

Project FPXLemmings is a non-profit fan project by a fan of both francises
Freedom planet is copyright of GalaxyTrail, Stephen "Strife" Diduro, and Ziyo Ling
Lemmings is copyright of Sony
Please support the official release(s) even if you don't want to

To view the controls neolemmix
press f3 within the game, go to interface and click "Configure Hotkeys"

Sprite rips
Poke (Formally pokefan)

Custom Sprites

Extra Level Design

Original Music
Leila "Woofle" Wilson
Stephen "Strife" Diduro

NeoLemmix tools

Special Thanks
Prince Jamie for inspiring me to do this
Poke for helping me push forward when he was working on Binding of Avalice
Stephen "Strife" Diduro for the fantastic Indie game that started this project
and Plom510 for encouraging me to start spriting and for the Special logo and sprite edits

This level pack is themed around the tilesets from Freedom Planet
this demo is still in the old format, here's the link to .exe
v.10.13.18 Download
This pack also uses external music. Here's a link to the music pack
Music pack download
Just create a folder titled "music" (must be lowercase, and extract the songs there)

As for what you'll be going through in the levels. Here's a brief description of all the ranks you'll go through. Each of the images below come from one level of each rank.

Newborn (Tutorials)
Welcome to life young basset, you shall be tested on your skill against simple tasks like Swimming and Climbing. This way we'll show you how to speak, sit, rollover and hopefully not run into traps

Puppy (Fun)
You're now able to walk on your own, now we must "House break" you, life in Avalice ain't exactly easy especial with skies not being safe, so this will get ya through, eventually you'll be an obidient pupper

Hound (Tricky)
You're getting the hang of everything you've learned, now lets see what other things you can do with, nothing wrong with teaching a young pupper new tricks, eventually you'll lead a pack

Alpha (Taxing)
You're the leader of the pack now, directing your pack through the toughest of routes, think hard about what you do and it'll be clear in the end

SuperDog (Mayhem)
You may have a troop but you're capable of what you can do by yourself, talking death head on and (hopefully) surviving to tell the tail, you're brave in every way, Cute in every way, and eventually smart in every way

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