Mega Man Maker


Jump, shoot, create! Mega Man Maker is a fan game all about creating your own Mega Man levels and sharing them with the world! Alternatively, play one of many levels created by other users, from full-length Robot Master stages to unique puzzle levels. There's content for everyone to enjoy!

The game has been in development since September 2016. It features several assets from Mega Man 1 through 6, as well as custom or modified ones. All of these can be used to create any type of level you want thanks to the user-friendly stage builder, after which you can use the in-game online feature to upload your level and share it with everyone! Of course, you can also play levels uploaded by other users with ease.

Please visit our official website for more info!


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The team
WreckingPrograms: Project management, programming, sprites, design
CosmicGem: Music, sound effects
Gaem: Sprites, artwork
RRThiel: Music
Sapphire Sunsets: Music
Alex: Server/database programming
Mors: Website programming
Shinryu: Trailers
littlelamp100: Music
numbers: Penetration testing and netcode
Sodacoma: Sprites
Dullagamur: Server/database programming

If you're interested in the game, feel free to join the official forums or the official Discord server. We'd love to hear from you!

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