Super Ancient Keys

Super Ancient Keys is a metroidvania set in the Super Mario Bros. universe.

Shiff T. is a young toad thief and treasure hunter. One day, when exploring ancient ruins with her partner Loy'l T., they uncover something sinister: a creature called Omniform. Omniform takes shapes and forms from the various creatures in the mushroom world and repurposes them for its own nefarious deeds. Can a single toad take it down? Of course not, but thankfully, you can be more!

In Super Ancient Keys, Shiff T. can collect items that allow her to take the shape of various Mario-series enemies, such as a buzzy beetle, a ninji and more! Use the moves these various forms provide to explore further into the hidden depths of at least 6 temples.

-Several different forms to play as, each with their own moves and weaknesses
-6 temples (or more!) to explore with their own stories
-An original soundtrack composed by Vimimin and Dustinvgmaster

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