NCFC is over!

But that doesn't stop the booths from existing! We're keeping a link to the booths for those of you who want to keep up-to-date on them, or are waiting patiently for potential downloads!

You can also still catch the Q&A section with Guild Software here!

As for the events of NCFC, we're glad to have the winners be displayed on our front page!

The Trivia Night winner was: Jesse!

The Minigame Competition winner was: Press Start!

Best of Shows were:

Kirby Section: Kirby: Cosmic Chaos by Azurarok Studio/Niftihalo Studios!

Mario Section: Super Mario Bros. All-Star Quest by BurninLeo and Mushroom Kingdom Fusion by Fusion Team!

Metroid Section: Project AM2R by DoctorM64!

Zelda Section: The Legend of Zelda: Guardians of Hyrule by Fangasm Games!

Other Section: Too Many by All Applicable!

Thanks to everyone who participated this year!