October 24th to 28th

Nintendo Community Fangame Convention


Better late than never, thanks for being involved in NCFC! With the exception of the Charles Martinet interview (he left contact a week before NCFC started), the event was a bigger success than we thought it would be.

Minigame Competition

  • Third Place - Duck Escape by Flametale
  • Second Place - Duck Hunt 360 by Knightmare
  • First Place - Smash Ducks by Guinea

Best of Show

  • Best of Show "Other" - Rizumu-damashii Ouendan/Hot-blooded Cheerleading by Mecha
  • Best of Show "Zelda" - The Legend of Zelda: The Shadowgazer by King Mob
  • Best of Show "Metroid" - Metroid Ecliption by by Jake 'Axion' Masiello & the Aqueon Studios
  • Best of Show "Mario" - Toad Strikes Back by Thunder Dragon
  • Best of Show Overall - The Legend of Zelda: The Shadowgazer by King Mob

Transcripts of all workshops are available here.

Thanks to everyone so much for making NCFC such a huge accomplishment. Hopefully, we'll see you next year! Stay tuned for any further announcements regarding NCFC.