Super Ancient Keys

Shiff T. is a young toad with a exciting and dangerous hobby: thieving and treasure hunting with her friend Mye T. They visit numerous ruins and archaeological sites together in the hunt for riches and treasure.

But things go sour one day when Shiff accidentally uncovers an ancient creature under the name Omniform. The beast begins to steal and repurpose forms, shapes and bodies of the creatures in the mushroom world.

However, an ancient artifact allows Shiff to combat the menace. Using it, she is able to shapeshift at will and use the powers of various creatures in the Mario world.

Super Ancient Keys is the sequel to the fangame Toad and the Ancient Keys. It is a metroidvania platformer where the player must visit various temples to locate keys to open the way to Omniform. On the way, they will uncover new and exciting forms that provide them with new moves to access new areas.


-Several temples to visit and explore
-A map system (currently wip)
-Shapeshift into Mario enemies to uncover new areas
-A fully functional dialog system (completely from scratch)
-This time, there's gonna be bosses
-A fully (or near fully) original soundtrack by Vimimin (ogg preview)
-Probably some keys somewhere!

The Team

Dustinvgmaster - Programming, level design, concept
Neweegee - Spriting
Vimimin - Composing, logo design
LuigiM9/Kirby's Adventure - Additional character design

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