Super Mario Bros. Dimensions 2

A demo of the upcoming sequel to Super Mario Bros. Dimensions. The game will take a different general approach from the previous game. Dimension-switching and Polter are still here, but the graphical style and music are no longer being restricted to an 8-bit aesthetic, and progression will be more linear.

There will be many levels with different missions to complete by finding Energy Drops. The game also aims at making Polter more involved, now that he can use special fruits to give him powers to help Mario out. Powerups such as Laser and Jetpack return from the original game, whilst the new Thorn powerup joins them, with other new powerups still to come.

Luigi is also playable in this demo (who can be switched to in the map pause menu), and some of his powerups now work differently from Mario's. 6 missions are playable in this demo.

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