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Tech Wing Fangames
The group known for zany titles such as Thingio and Super Mario Melatonin as well as Koopa: A Winter's Tale return, this time with a demo of a game actually likely to come out eventually: a full on remake of Let's Go! Thingio!, as well as a brief history and future on the sequel.

Day 1 (October 24th): Let's Go Thingio - re: thingio side a Classic Mode Demo
The (debatable) classic first segment of Let's Go! Thingio! remade from scratch, with enhanced graphics and gameplay! Obviously an early demo, so expect to see some issues that'll be ironed out...

Day 2 (October 25th): Thingio Past and Future
An article describing the history of the somewhat mysterious Thingio Side B: The Grand Illusion, the prequel, the many revisions, and what to expect in the future...

Day 3 (October 26th):Let's Go Thingio - re: thingio side a Modern Mode Demo [Classic also included]
This is Thingio as you truly imagined it... okay, maybe not, but it still will feature an enhanced plot, brand new segments and secrets, a Galaxy style Co-Star mode and more! Consider it the "Director's Cut"... or the demo of it.

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Random Booth
Pokemon Blue Chrome
By Luka S.J.

Hello there everyone. My name is Luka, and I'd like to present to you Pokemon Blue Chrome, a fangame made with RMXP :) Check out the booth url, to go to my main page, and find out more about this game. Or go to my YouTube channel, for the latest videos on the game (Link:""). You can also watch me on Deviant art (Link:"").

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