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Skypop Scramble
In this SHMUPS-style shooter, Mario and 3 other pilots work together to fend off the forces of evil trying to take over. Use your skills to beat them and save the day!


- 4 playable characters (Mario, Luigi, Tails and Mega Man), who each have their own strengths and weaknesses.
- 5 levels to go through, each with plenty of enemies to deal with and a boss at the end of each one.
- Music remixes of classic game tunes, done by me.
- health pick-ups (mushrooms) that appear every now and then to restore health.
- a high-score table at the end of the game to show how well you did compared to your other runs.

link to game (until zip file upload problem is fix'd) :

Click to enlarge.

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Late Night Mario 2
By gookum

A few weeks prior, Mario single-handedly defeated Bowser and his army of Red Kremits. Now, the Kremits have returned under new leadership, and it's going to take ALL NIGHT to save the world.

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