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Super Mario Fusion Revival
Super Mario Fusion: Revival is a sister fangame project to Mushroom Kingdom Fusion based on Hello Engine IV. It is made by the Fusion Team. This game will have a stronger focus on the Mario-style of gameplay.

SMF will have some crossover levels based on other game franchises. However, unlike MKF, crossover content will be kept to a minimum. The focus is Mario and company traveling to different worlds, not crossover content.

Major features:
*Non-linear level designs with higher-than-typical difficulty.
*Yoshi abilities, including his New Super Mario Bros. Wii ability to eat projectiles and spit them back to enemies.
*Vastly different worlds, ranging from the typical Mushroom Kingdom Mario levels in World 1, to levels based on real-world locations in World 2 and a desolate dimensional limbo in World 3.
*Cameo appearances by characters from other game franchises as NPCs, woven into the general story.

SMFR Development Team:
JudgeSpear: Head developer, level designer, coder
Mr. Duvall: Head writer, level designer
Riverroad: level designer, coder
AuraLancer: level designer, coder
Ultimate Gamer: level designer
Captain Cook: level designer
Hello: engine creator, level designer, coder

Main discussion boards are hosted on the Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Reactor:

Download v0.1.5 Beta r2 at:

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Rendezvous Delano
By DeProgrammer

(For Nintendo DS; DeSmuMe emulator recommended.) Featuring a lot of Samus's classic upgrades, Rendezvous Delano allows you to take Samus's ship to the skies and fight off swarms of foes in a classic SHMUP-style homebrew game for the Nintendo DS.

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