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Super Mario Wars!
Lets start with the debut trailer:

Much work is left like all the units but expect:
-Goombas, light infantry that are mostly used as meat shields.
-Shy guys, both offensive and defensive units capable of building small cannons which they man.
-Hammer bros, Ranged unit used to take out buildings
-Koopa Troopa, Tank unit. have a shell ability making them spin towards their enemies and take damage and protecting the more vurnable units.
-Ptooie, ranged unit used for supporting the melée units.

Boss units:
-Birdo, shooting eggs that damage enemies in a line
-Baby bowser, Should have an aura that heals troops
-Bowser, shoots flame that instantly kill enemies
-Kamek, haven't figured that out yet.
-Wario, Would´ve been fun to include him since he could have fun attacks and moves.

Power abilitys:
-Summon Thwomp, will crush enemies instantly
-Summon Boos, will paralize enemies on touch.
-Summon Monty moles, a small squad of moles that you can summon anywhere on the map.

Enemy units:
-Toads, melee units armed with spears
-Throwers, Toads that will throw vegetables at you
-Yoshis, will eat your troops
-Boom tank, a tank that will shoot pink bobombs at you
-Penguins, a large penguin that are used as a tank, will absorb most of the damage.

Enemy bosses:
-Mario, über hero. he´s going to be OP and will be hell to take down
-Luigi, weaker then his brother and will be introduced early in the game
-Princess, healer hero, can summon tons of toads to her side.
-Toadsworth, Tactican. Will aids his fellow toads during battle with healing and supportive abilities.

I´ve come far I must say, many of the sprites are not done yet, like the cloud and the temporary buttons you see on your right (These are the power buttons). I'm working as fast as I can but I don't want to rush it, I want the gameplay to be balanced but still challenging. I'm going to include a difficulty setting from Very easy to Impossible for the real rts-fans out there.

The campaign will consist of 20-25 missions all with various goals from protecting King Bob-omb to stealing Yoshi's eggs. All with a story (As deep as it gets for an RTS :D) And as in the classic Mario games the battles will be fought on different worlds from deserts,mountains,beaches and even inside Peach's Castle.

A level editor is going to be included, allthough it will work most as a sandbox-mode where you can shape the world and place any unit you want on the battlefield.

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Super Mario Bros. X
By Redigit

Super Mario Bros. X is a massive project that blends elements from Super Mario 1, 2, 3 and World.

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