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Metroid Comical
Started in late 2008, Metroid Comical has been redone and so forth. With a new updated cartoon art style and Metroid 1 style gameplay, it is way better than before! Well, the engine has reached its final state, and now, the game can be continued! Placed after Metroid Prime 3, Samus heads to GBA199 to investigate pirate activity. Coming very armed for the least, she never expects to find a lost Chozo society, and even see Ridley there!

Misc Info- The final will have to versions. (CD and LITE) CD version will have transparency/glow effects, animated backgrounds, and CD music. For those of weaker internet, LITE will have no glow/transparency effects, only parallax backgrounds, and MIDI music.
I'm sorry, but the new demo will not be released for NCFC in time. Keep up with the project, and you could get the demo first!


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By HyperBound

Unearthed is an Earthbound hack in progress, with an estimated release date of late 2011 or early 2012. Unearthed will feature a completely original plot, a new cast of characters and a distinctive world map with entirely new zones. Although different from Earthbound it many ways, it will still utilize many of the same core gameplay mechanics.

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