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Late Night Mario 2
The sequel to the critically acclaimed Late Night Mario is here! After a few weeks of good, restful relaxation, the red kremits have returned, and Mario's going to have to embark on his greatest adventure yet to defeat them, all in the dark, scary hours of the night. Will he be able to save the world before it is too late?

Intense platforming action
Diverse soundtrack (with two original songs by Glukom!)
Four full levels and vicious bosses
Original graphics
Same comedic style you know and love

Arrow keys = Move
Space = Jump/Advance text


Due to feedback and various complaints regarding the first boss, it is being adjusted in order to make it easier and faster. Also, the next update will feature a revamped control scheme, where Shift is now the default jump button and it can be changed in the menu. Controls for movement will stay at the arrow keys.

Hopefully this update will fix any problems people were having and possibly allow for more people to play past the first boss, which would be ideal c: - Updated version is now complete.

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EarthBound 3
By EBZero2009

In a world where music is being banned by an unknown entity, a curious young boy along with an odd cast of youths must band together and stand against an overwhelming force.

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