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WiTT - What is This Thing?
By DJ Yoshiman
Episode 1:
It's the dark ages for Mario - many concepts have gone awry and loomed into complete turmoil. What does this mean for Mario? Heck if I know, go play and find out!

Late Night Mario 2
By gookum
A few weeks prior, Mario single-handedly defeated Bowser and his army of Red Kremits. Now, the Kremits have returned under new leadership, and it's going to take ALL NIGHT to save the world.

Revenge of the Walrus
By VinnyVideo
Mario has been kidnapped by a group of evil walruses and transported to a psychiatric prison, and he must escape and save the world! This demo is the first fangame to use New SMB Wii tiles.

Psycho Waluigi (WIP Demo 2)
By Thunder Dragon
After suffering a massive bump to the head, Waluigi awakens to find himself in a strange, new land... with psychic powers! Join him on his quest to conquer the far-off land of Unconcia...

Super Mario Wars!
By ortmon
A real time strategy game where you control Bowser and his minions.
There will be lots of units,bosses and powers for you to use against Mario and the mushroom kingdom.

Mario Builder 9-6
By Ting_Thing
Mario builder is a toolkit for creating your OWN mario games! No programming experience is necessary. This is the full and complete deal here. Features include Music Selection, Background Selection, general and detailed information messages, eight save slots, overworld room resizing, title screen editor, a category/subcategory function for efficient item placement... etc. Enjoy everybody!

Super Mario Bros. Ultra
By Yoshbert
Help Mario recover the pieces of the dismantled Star Rod from Bowser in this new Mario fangame. This fangame has the traditional style of Mario gameplay, but with some fresh new additions.

A Paper Mario Puzzle Game
By Fidu
A Paper Mario -themed puzzle game. Can you reach the target score before the time runs out?
Use items and partners to score more points.

Deadly Danger Dungeon
By LordGavin
The first "Board James" inspired computer game.

Mario has ventured into the elaborate and infamous "Deadly Danger Dungeon"! A place of unspeakable peril and glorious treasures!

Super Mario Fusion Revival
By JudgeSpear
The Fusion Team presents Super Mario Fusion Revival. Mario-style gameplay with a few new gimmicks, including vehicles and guns.

v0.1.5 Beta r2 has 37 complete non-linear levels and a versatile Yoshi mount. Some crossover content is in the game, but the focus is original-themed levels around these elements.

Mario's House of STHU
By Shaq Fu
Mario goes through a most excellent adventure on the most unprecedented night of Halloween.

Highway Trouble
By Supernova
Metal slug like Mario game. Clones invading the Mushroom World by taking over highways.
Game features:
--Metal slug styles shooting
--Cars and trucks
--Many obstacles
--Advanced enemy movement
--Different kinds of enemies
--Tricky bosses
--Yoshi (v0.5)

Super Mario Bros. X
By Redigit
Super Mario Bros. X is a massive project that blends elements from Super Mario 1, 2, 3 and World.

Super Mario Legend
By DavidCaruso
Super Mario Legend is a Mario fangame, playing similarly to the classic platformers. but also adding new twists and incorporating story-based gameplay (in the style of Super Paper Mario or the M&L series).

Monkey Wars!
By Laan
In a country far, far away, lives a monkey named ukkie. He has a big family...But one day the kingdom was claimed by the grey monkeys, and all of his family were kidnapped. Its his task to save them!

Super Mario RPG: Seven Sages
By cdivision
-Badge System
-Random battle power-ups a la SMRPG
-Power Suit System (Class changing) with 9 different suits, each with each own special abilities
-Sage Power moves
-Hammer, Jumping, and many other field skills from the Mario series
-Funny dialogue in the ballpark of the M&L and Paper Mario series
-A mash up of all the Mario RPG's, in a sense
-Bowser as a playable character

Eternal Mansion
By Char
Mario's trapped in a never-ending mansion... Chased by Kamek, hounded by Boos and running for his life!

Will this torture ever end?!

Skypop Scramble
By ancara22
A SHMUP-style game where you control 4 characters (Mario, Luigi, Tails and Mega Man) through 5 action-packed levels complete with a boss at the end of each level.

Try your hand at it and try to get the highest score!

Plumber Waluigi
By Alex
A story-based adventure / puzzle game starring Waluigi and his apprentice, Percy Piranha.

SMRPG: The Starlite Worlds
By cdivision
Confirmed Features

-Action Commands (Timed Hits)
-Timed Defense (Like Paper Mario)
-Full, Paper Mario style badges (All skills learned from badges)
-Mouse Support in battled and in field
-Mario, Luigi, and Bowser playable
-No more "changing suits" but you can learn suit skills from badges
-5 types of badges (Party, Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, and Ally)
-Control Bowser/Kammy on main field at certain points of the game
-New, mouse-based first strike system

By Wiwa
TerrorMario is back! A complete new set of crazy minigames, you'll need more then your normal 'Mario game skills' this time. Can you handle TerrorMario?
Find out, try it now!

Mushroom Patrol: Midas Machine
By Guinea
4 heroes, 2 villains, no mushrooms!
Save the Mushroom World from the deadly Midas Machine in 7 exciting chapters.

MFGG CFP Team presents Chapter 1 at NCFC!

Tech Wing Fangames
By Dinner Sonic
The group known for zany titles such as Thingio and Super Mario Melatonin as well as Koopa: A Winter's Tale return, this time with a demo of a game actually likely to come out eventually: a full on remake of Let's Go! Thingio!, as well as a brief history and future on the sequel.

Sage Night
By Bludleef
In a whole new Zelda RPG experience!! Young Link awakens on the morning of his 16th birthday witch marks his first day at the Royal Hylian Academy, but his first day is anything but average! Not only has the captain seemed to take some sort of interest in his training, but on his visit to meet the princess of Hyrule something completely unexpected happens!

LoZ: Oracle of Secrets
By Mamoruanime
Bending dimensions and mastering forbidden secrets, Link must embark on his most perilous journey yet.

Four Swords Online
By Knighty
Play Legend of Zelda: Four Swords online with up to 3 other people.
Co-operate with each other to traverse dungeons, solve puzzles and defeat monsters, while at the same time, competing against each other for rupees.

Metroid Comical
By ronny14
A project that has been going on for 3 years- Now revised with a better engine, level design, and more features than before! A Metroid game based on the first one, combining it with elements from well know Metroid titles, such as Super Metroid. It also includes a cartoony- graphical style. The goal is to be as unique as possible while still keeping traditional gameplay.

By Tokinsom
A Mini Metroid Adventure

Metroid: Genesis
By Morrad
Metroid Genesis aims to bring the Metroid Manga to the video game world. Many panels of the comic are used as cutscenes for the game. Experience the history of Samus Aran, the Galaxy's top bounty hunter!

Project AM2R
By DoctorM64
One of the most anticipated Metroid Fan Games is nearing completion. Discover here the latest NCFC exclusive material of this Metroid 2 Remake.

Rendezvous Delano
By DeProgrammer
(For Nintendo DS; DeSmuMe emulator recommended.) Featuring a lot of Samus's classic upgrades, Rendezvous Delano allows you to take Samus's ship to the skies and fight off swarms of foes in a classic SHMUP-style homebrew game for the Nintendo DS.

Super Metroid World
By DeProgrammer
(For Nintendo DS; DeSmuMe emulator recommended.) Made for last year's NCFC minigame competition, Super Metroid World blends elements of Super Mario World with Metroid creatures and items. The game consists of a single short level, sufficient for demonstrating all the engine's features.

An Aquatic Pokemon Tale
By Char
Horsea tresspasses on The Master's territory... and The Master has sent his minions to kill him. The only escape left for Horsea now is... killing The Master, and becoming The Master himself. Will he ever survive?

Pokemon Battle Online
By Mecha the Slag
Pokemon Battle Online is an online Pokemon world. Complete with overworld, battles, player vs player and more!

Pokemon Mystery Universe
By pkFire-a
A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon MMORPG. Traverse random dungeons, decorate your own house, and more! This time, you aren't alone! Explore the world of PMU with friends and have a truly memorable adventure!

Pokemon Garnet and Amethyst
By EarthBorn
Standard Pokemon fare, more or less; as an aspiring Pokemon Trainer, beat the League and take down a villainous Team while you're at it.

Pokemon Blue Chrome
By Luka S.J.
Hello there everyone. My name is Luka, and I'd like to present to you Pokemon Blue Chrome, a fangame made with RMXP :)

Check out the booth url, to go to my main page, and find out more about this game. Or go to my YouTube channel, for the latest videos on the game (Link:""). You can also watch me on Deviant art (Link:"").

Saturn Valley Online
By Skye
SVO is an Earthbound-themed MMORPG (Online game). It's currently in alpha and is being tested. Every few weeks lots of new features are added with in the end the Earthbound battle system.

By HyperBound
Unearthed is an Earthbound hack in progress, with an estimated release date of late 2011 or early 2012.

Unearthed will feature a completely original plot, a new cast of characters and a distinctive world map with entirely new zones. Although different from Earthbound it many ways, it will still utilize many of the same core gameplay mechanics.

EarthBound 3
By EBZero2009
In a world where music is being banned by an unknown entity, a curious young boy along with an odd cast of youths must band together and stand against an overwhelming force.

MegaMan: Citrus Cult
This year, The Cult of the Lemon proudly present a demo of their new community fangame; MegaMan: Citrus Cult!

Megaman: Day in the Limelight
By Riverroad
Megaman fangame starring the original six Robot Masters from MM1.

Mega Man Rock
By Briraka
Mega Man Rock is a tribute to the original 8-bit games, but with a few new twists of it's own!

green couch games
By TheSuperyoshi
Check out our two Mario platformers "SMG: A Blue Star Adventure" and "Mario's Super Present Adventure" or our inDev Rhythm Retro game "BIT.TRIP VOID 2"!

UPDATE: "Mario's Super Present Adventure" is now out! Grab it while it's fresh!

GM Donkey Kong Country Engine
By Burningamester
An attempt to replicate the gameplay mechanics of the DKC franchise and to deliver it as an open source engine for Game Maker users.

Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword
By BwdYeti
Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword is a fan-made game built on the RPGMaker XP platform and set before the events of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. Like in the official Fire Emblem games, players will control a large number of unique warriors on a grid-based map, and will be strategically challenged by a diverse range of enemies and hazards. Immortal Sword adheres to the spirit of Fire Emblem's definitive gameplay, while adding elements which set the project apart and bring it to life.

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Monkey Wars!
By Laan

In a country far, far away, lives a monkey named ukkie. He has a big family...But one day the kingdom was claimed by the grey monkeys, and all of his family were kidnapped. Its his task to save them!

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